What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

What is Semi Permanent Makeup? How You Can Do that?

What’s Semi Permanent Makeup?

The Semi Permanent Makeup is a Advanced Technology for Beauty Enhancement, This Process includes permanent pigmentation of the dermis through tattooing as a technique to create cosmetic designs on face such as eye liners, lip plumping, and permanent facial enhancements with eyebrows.

The Semi-Permanent Makeup used for What?

Semi Permanent Makeup using For Artificial Beauty Enhancement, such as Artificial eyebrows, Especially its apply for People who have lost their Eyebrows due to Oldness, chronic disease, genetic disorder, or chemotherapy.

Also, semi Permanent Makeup Technology used to hide skin blemishes and white spots, such as vitiligo. Which appears After breast surgery, so it can usable to restore or enhance the breast areola.

Usually This Makeup Technology known as cosmetic tattooing, dermapigmentation, and micropigmentation, and there is in The Market cosmetic tattooing is The Most Popular Beauty Choices as permanent Makeup.

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How Effective the Semi-Permanent Makeup?

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?
what is The Semi-Permanent Makeup?

At first, The semi permanent makeup results sometimes may look darker. In the beginning It’s happen due to colour remaining in the outermost epidermal layers of skin. Because our new epidermal cells replace the sloughed upper layers of the epidermis, and then within a few days it’s become his Natural Beauty Colour Looks.

Now Semi Permanent Makeup day by Getting More Popularity, and It’s The best successful colour Enhancement Treatment for Beauties, and The Results May Last for Many years and begin to fade with over time. The Semi Permanent Makeup lasting time depends on Individual Lifestyle, Beautycare and Fitness.

And the permanent makeup pigment resides in the dermis, its beauty-span can be affected by a variety of potential factors, including environmental, systemic, and/or individual factors. Sun exposure fades the color. The amount and color of pigment deposits in the dermal layer can affect the length of time that permanent makeup looks its best. Very normal-looking applications may need a touch-up before more dramatic ones for this reason. Personal effects include lifestyles that find a person regularly in the sun, such as gardening or swimming. Skin tone is one factor that changes color values ​​over time.

How I can Do The Semi-Permanent Makeup?

When You want to Do The Semi-Permanent Makeup as tattooing colour Enhancement, you need to go to Trusted and Government Certified Beautycare Centre Like Biotuch.ae in United Arab Emirates or any others Certified center in your destination.

If you want to learn and become a semi Permanent makeup Artist, you need to Join 3 days Period Course at Biotuch.ae which include all About of semi Permanent Makeups, such as colour tattooing, eyebrows, eyes and lips makeup Enhancement. To know More about the Course Contact Biotuch.ae

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What’s the side effects of Semi Permanent Makeup!

The Semi Permanent Makeups Side effects are similar to Tattos Side effects: it’s may cause migration, scars, skin cracking, allergies to pigments, keloids, granulomas, and Skin infections, most of the time this side effects happens when patient have serious disease or it’s done by a unexpert or a un Specialist.

Disclaimer: if you wants to apply this technique on your face, lips, or in the eyes please Consult with your doctor before taking the Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments and Be sure that, the beauty care Centre is Certified and the Beautycare Specialist all Are Government Certified in your Country. Thank you for Reading our Blog. If you interested with us please follow un on Google News, Google Discover and Social Media Platforms.

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